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Alumni event on 18 August 2020 - A journey through time and space

The first ISACA Board ALUMNI event, whose big bang occurred during lunch at CERN in Geneva, has now taken place in mid-August 2020.The journey through time started with the paddle steamer "Schiller" (launched on 17 February 1906).

The lake was calm and even the weather was sunny. There was a lively exchange between the ALUMNI and the existing board members. There was also time travel up to the topic of punch cards. On the way, there was another time jump of 70 years as planned. On the way back to the Swiss Museum of Transport with the Europa (launched on 6 April 1976) there was the first aperitif of the event to strengthen the mood.

Following the excursion on Lake Lucerne, participants were able to explore the Museum of Transport on their own. Once again, there were many interesting discussions and further time travel, this time more of a traffic-related nature. Shortly before 5 pm, the other participants joined the group for the After Hours Seminar in the Planetarium, so that we were able to start punctually with the exciting lecture on the Rosetta mission to comet 67P/Tschuryumow-Gerassimenko (Tschury) by Prof. em. Kathrin Altwegg.
67P/Tschurjumow-Gerassimenko - by a short animated film about the Rosetta mission, which the Swiss Museum of Transport has at its disposal, the participants were able to take part in the mission from its beginning until today. Mrs Altwegg has perfectly understood how to present and explain the complex subject matter of the mission in a clear and understandable way. Spectacular pictures of comet Tschury taken by Rosetta during the mission framed Ms Altwegg's explanations. It is also interesting that the shape of the comet reminds of a rubber duck. The merging of two smaller comets probably created this shape. No less interesting were the explanations of the findings on the core questions of the mission: How life on earth came into being and what influence comets had on the origin of life. The discovery of organic matter on the comet, or elements that are essential for the origin of life, on a celestial body hostile to life, was probably a groundbreaking discovery for science.

Finally, the participants were treated to a delicious aperitif. There was again the opportunity for many interesting discussions. These ranged from the founding of the ISACA Switzerland Chapter to various milestones during its 30th anniversary and the potential for further development. The discussions were not only limited to the Switzerland Chapter, but also included the Swiss members' outreaches to other Chapters and ISACA Global, the recently held Global Leadership Meeting, or the upcoming EuroCACS from 28-30 October, which will also be held virtually, were all part of the lively and humorous discussions.

Alumni Event GruppenfotoA truly inspiring event - a journey through space and time with many different facets.