Questions & Answers

Where can I register for the official ISACA certification programs in Switzerland?

Please register directly with our educational providers.

Are the official ISACA certification programs offered in French or English?

ISACA certificate courses with French and English speaking instructors and English documentation are held in Geneva or Lausanne. Please contact our training partner in French-speaking Switzerland - actagis - directly to find out which courses are offered in which languages.

Can I participate in ISACA certificate exams without having attended a preparation course?

Certainly it is possible to take the exam without having attended a preparation course. But the probability of passing the exam is much lower (worldwide average about 50%) than with our preparation courses (90%). If you have any questions in this regard, it is best to contact our training providers directly or ISACA Global.

Can I retake an ISACA certification exam?

Yes, the exam can be retaken several times. However, the exam fees will be due again. Since the job description is revised every 4-6 years, you should expect an increased learning effort and, if necessary, the purchase of the updated review manual.

What are the fees for the ISACA certification exam?

The exam fees depend on whether you are a member of ISACA or not, (difference about US$ 120.-), The current fees can be found on

Where can I register for ISACA certifcate exams?

Since the exams are organized by ISACA Global, registration is done online at

Can I also register by fax or mail?

Yes, but please only if you have not already registered online.

When do I receive confirmation of my registration?

You will receive a confirmation of your registration immediately after processing. You can check and change the exact exam location with the start time online at any time.

Do I have to provide proof of CPE credits for the year of the exam?

No, you needn't. At you will find the valid CPE regulations for each certification profile.

How do I report my CPE Hours?

You can record the CPE's directly on in your personal profile (MyISACA).