Tuesday, 01 December 2020AHS 7|20 - Special Edition Blockchain

This after-hours seminar is held as a pure online event. Due to the official requirements regarding public events because of Covid19, we have decided to no longer hold any face-to-face events for the time being.

We are pleased to be able to discuss the topic "Blockchain" with proven experts from IBM ( Switzerland ) AG and PwC Switzerland in an extended after-hours seminar. After a short general introduction you will get a deeper insight into the areas of security and audit of blockchain applications.

We will highlight the following aspects.

General overview

You will receive an introduction to the technology in general and to the specifications of a public and a private block chain.

Speaker: Philipp Spaeti, IBM Switzerland

Blockchain Security

In this section, we look in detail at the security mechanisms of Blockchain applications

Part 1 - Overview of security in block chain applications

  • Technical specifications
  • How Consensus works

Speaker: Dr. Elli Androulaki, IBM Research, Zurich

Part 2 - Practical functioning based on the application in Smart Contracs

  • Why is the execution trustworthy?
  • What operations are smart contracts good at?
  • What can go wrong in smart contract execution?
  • Access control in smart contracts
  • Lessons learned from previous attacks
  • Efficiency/scalability of smart contracts
  • Challenges and options

Speaker: Hubert Ritzdorf, PwC Switzerland

Blockchain applications

We present you concrete applications which are already implemented in practice.

  • Project from the food industry
  • Overview of other application areas

Speaker; Tatjana Meier, IBM Switzerland

Blockchain Audit

The last part explains how the audit of block chain applications can be performed.

  • Blockchain in the context of the audit profession (terminology, how blockchain changes the audit profession)
  • Audit scope (e.g. financial audit, proof of ownership, custody solution, transactions, technical design, smart contract)
  • Blockchain audit approach
  • PwC Halo Crypto Solution
  • Some examples/reference cases
  • Differences between public and private Blockchain audit

Speakers: Onur Goerkem Oezcan and Adrian Keller, PwC Switzerland

Registered participants will receive the link to the online conference in time before the After Hours Seminar at the email address provided.
We are looking forward to your participation.


Tatjana Meier / Blockchain Practice Leader for IBM Services Switzerland

Tatjana Meier has more than 20 years of experience in various industries within the consulting area. She is leading the Blockchain Practice for IBM Services in Switzerland and is the focal point for the DACH region for IBM Food Trust, a running blockchain in the consumer goods industry to create transparency and traceability in the food supply chain.
Tatjana is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and is passionate about combining new technologies to reinforce and establish sustainability in companies.

Philipp Späti / CTO for IBM Switzerland and an IBM Distinguished Engineer

Mr Philipp Späti is the CTO for IBM Switzerland and an IBM Distinguished Engineer.
He has extensive experience in the IT business and is working for some of IBM's largest clients. In his role Philipp engages with clients in shaping and defining their digital transformation journey by applying the latest technologies such as Internet of things, blockchain as well as artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud. With his broad knowledge of IT industry, market trends and technologies he also owns a proven track record in technology, architecture and innovation leadership across several industries from banking to insurance and reinsurance to media and entertainment, healthcare as well as industry.
Philipp is member of the IBM Academy of Technology as well as Open Group Distinguished Chief Architect and holds a master in electrical engineering from ETH Zurich.

Dr. Elli Androulaki / Distinguished Research Staff Member Zurich Research Laboratory, IBM Research

Dr. Elli Androulaki is a Distinguished Research Staff Member and Research Manager at the IBM Research Lab in Zurich, Switzerland working in the area of Blockchain Security and Applications.
Elli completed her PhD in Columbia University in NY in the area of applied cryptography aiming to address privacy issues in eCommerce activities. During her Postdoctoral studies at ETH, Zurich, her research interests naturally led her to investigating Bitcoin security in 2011, where she co-invented and published the first security attack in Bitcoin.
Elli joined IBM Research in May 2013, and shortly after, she took on the responsibility for leading the IBM contributions to security and privacy components of Hyperledger Fabric, becoming one of the architects of Hyperledger Fabric. In the most recent years, Elli focused a modular token enablement for Hyperledger Fabric (fabToken) and respective privacy mechanisms in the permissioned ledger setting. In March 2019, Elli was appointed as a manager of the Blockchain activities in IBM Research-Zurich, and in February 2020, Elli has taken on wider responsibilities in the area of Blockchain Research Strategy.

Onur Görkem Özcan / Manager Digital Assurance Emerging Technologies, PwC Switzerland

Manager Digital Assurance Emerging Technologies, PwC Switzerland
Onur G. Özcan is a manager with PwC within the Digital Assurance unit, based in Zürich. He has track record in end to end delivery of products which utilize emerging technologies incl. blockchain and FinTech capabilities, in highly regulated environments. Onur is currently the product lead of PwC's global blockchain audit suite “Halo crypto solution”.

Hubert Ritzdorf / Senior Manager, Smart Contract Assurance, PwC Switzerland

Hubert is a Senior Manager and leads the Smart Contract Assurance practice of PwC Switzerland. He is specialized in code audits of blockchain-based systems. He earned his PhD from ETH Zurich in 2018, working on the security of cloud and blockchain services for 5+ years. During his research he proposed novel protocols and analysed existing ones. Such results influenced the underlying Bitcoin protocol.

Adrian Keller / Partner, PwC Switzerland

Adrian is a driver of Blockchain in Audit and represents Financial Audit in the PwC Switzerland Blockchain initiative and in PwC Global working groups. Adrian is closely collaborating with market participants, such as incubators, accelerator programs and Crypto Valley Labs. Adrian advises and audits companies and operations that locate and incorporate in the Crypto Valley. He is closely involved with different local stakeholders. Adrian is a regular speaker on blockchain related topics in PwC conferences and client events. He is a lecturer for blockchain audit at the professional organisation for audit experts, ExpertSuisse.

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