Alexander Rühle, Zapliance – Opening Keynote - Transformational auditing: Rethinking auditing

Content of the Presentation

At a time when artificial intelligence is revolutionising the business environment, auditing is on the cusp of reinvention. AI offers internal audit an unprecedented opportunity to transform its perceived value proposition. This keynote explores the questions:

  1. What can and should every audit department do immediately?
  2. What fundamental questions should every audit department ask itself in this new era?
  3. How can the audit department not only identify value contributions for the company, but even develop an innovative business model from these findings?

About the Speaker

Alexander Rühle, Managing Director and co-founder of zapliance, is an experienced internal auditor with specialised knowledge in SAP, data analytics and artificial intelligence. Known for his ability to combine cutting-edge technologies with audit requirements, his work focuses primarily on transforming subject matter experts into pragmatic data analysts and persuasive communicators. As a Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Information Systems Auditor, he embodies not only comprehensive expertise, but also the role of a thought leader in his field.

Contact Information

Alexander Rühle,